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heute hab ich für euch einen Post, indem ich euch meine 2 Tage, an denen ich in Wien war, zeige. Die ersten paar Bilder stammen vom vergangenen Samstag, den 27.5.14, wie ich mit meinem Vater in Wien war und wir uns mit meiner Schwester getroffen haben. Die nächsten dann von heute, als ich meine Schwester alleine besucht habe.


today I have a post about the last two days, when I was in Vienna. The first couple of pictures are from last Saturday, the 27th July, when I was in Vienna with my father and we met up with my sister. The next pictures are then from today as I visited my sister alone.

The restaurant, where we went for lunch, had a big roof terrace, where you could eat your meal while enjoying this beautiful view over Vienna.

This was my appetizer (pic above) and my main course (pic below) for lunch at a restaurant called Akakiko, which is located at the Mariahilferstraße.

This store was my mission for the day, that I had to complete, because I always saw american youtubers talk/rave about it and this year the first Austrian Brandy Melville store opened in Vienna, which made me really happy. Oh and btw ... the store is awesome :)

When we met up with my sister we went to the Museumsquartier, which has a lot of cool little food places and of course museums to offer, my sister then took us to the MQdaily Cafe Restaurant, where you could choose from many different drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), juices, coffes and meals. I went for a caffe latte (pic below) and a big raspberry soda.

At the café my sister ordered tortilla chips with cheese gratiné,  jalapeños and yoghurt and guacamole side dips, which my father, my sister and me then ended up eating together, because they were SO delicious.

Today when I visited my sister alone (it was acctually my first time EVER going to Vienna all by myself!!!), we first went to a vegetarian/vegan store called MaranVegan, which is located near the Mariahilferstraße. There you could buy all sorts of different gluten-free and lactose-free products like chocolate, noodles, sauces, drinks and chips. I got really excited and SURPRISED about the chocolates, because they had CLIF and RAW BITE bars (!!!!!), which I always saw in some of my favorite american youtubers videos and blogpots, but never thought that I would find them anywhere in Austria, because you aren´t able to find most of the "American-Hyped" products here. I also got really excited about the vivani chocolate bars, especially the white one, because it´s made with rice drink and hazelnut brittle and also because I´ve heared a lot of good things about their chocolates.
Then we went to the Naschmarkt, which has to offer a crazy amount of different foods from arround the continent, including fast food and delicacies.

(This was my first time PROPERLY visiting the Naschmarkt in Vienna, because I were there over three years ago with my old middle school, but we didn´t have much time and had to rush through it and couldn´t try any of the delicious foood, which made me kind of sad then.)

For lunch we kind of had a hard time on deciding where we should eat for lunch. We then went for a nice little restaurant called Orient Occident.

These were our drinks. I got a raspberry soda and my sister a pomegranate tea.

For lunch we both got the menu of the day, which was tomatoes filled with bulgur salad. AND by the way ... YES it tasted like it looked .... unbelievably DELICIOUS :)
Here are now some pictures that I took, while we strolled around the city.

This was at the Cafe Europa and some of their interior design, which was kind of unique.
This is now the end of my post for these two exciting days in Vienna.  OH (!!) and if you were wondering "What she didn´t buy anything?!" .... well, YES I did, but this will be in another blogpost, which will be online soon. 

Here you have a little glimpse ;)

xoxo Tamara

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