Monday, October 12, 2015


This last weekend I was surprised with a trip for my birthday. We went to Vienna by train on Saturday morning, from where we then went to Bratislava on a boat, which was really exciting as we were in the captain's lounge, from which you were able to enjoy the beautiful view over the landscape. When we arrived in Bratislava we strolled around the city, through the popular old town into the city center. A funny thing was also that there was a Color Run going on, while we were there and the people where all so energetic and excited. It was so cool being able to watch them getting a colorful shower as they ran ... haha ;)
As I have already told you it was a surprise trip and when my dad told me, where we were going I was not really looking forward to it to be honest, but as soon as we arrived I completely changed my mind and was amazed by the city. Bratislava offers a lot of really cozy and modern "hipster -ish" cafés and little restaurants. Also for shopping it is great especially the city center. The city is also really really really beautiful and makes you want to photograph every little corner, as you can see from my little picture overload, but I just loved taking pics of all the cute, good-looking houses and little parks  :)

In the evening after we had tea and coffee at this really cool place called "Urban House", which was really cozy, we went back to Vienna by train. We then quickly checked into our hotel "Motel One", which is one of the best hotels in Vienna ... serious recommendation (!!!) and had dinner at Vapiano, I had a tuna salad and afterwards we went to bed. I was sooo tired and slept like a baby :)

All in all I can really recommend a visit to Bratislava and I really want to go back some time in Summer. There are so many nice restaurants and cafés and the city is just beautiful, oh and the presidential palace is also definitely worth a visit. I hope I could give you an insight of the city and that the photos can live up to it ;)


  1. Da sind echt viele super schöne Fotos dabei!*-*
    Und ich liebe dein Outfit:)
    Hab noch einen schönen Tag!


  2. Super schöne Bilder die du gemacht hast!
    Dein Mantel gefällt mir total gut :)

    Liebe Grüsse