Sunday, January 17, 2016


Lately I have been obsessed with shoes and I really want to enlarge my shoe collection. I mean I have always liked shoes, but I kinda was always too greedy to get more shoes than I would actually really need and wear regularly. I mean I also got my first real high heels just a year ago (!!!!) But recently I kinda changed my mind, as I am always regretting it, when I like something, but don't get it because I am thinking like "No, you don't need it, so don't spend money on it. Save your money!". I mean I still want to save my money, but I also just want to get things that I like instead of not getting them and seriously regretting it afterwards. So as every store is in sale-craziness at the moment, I discovered these super pretty heels at Zara. When I saw one of my fav bloggers wearing them, I was contemplating whether or not to get them. Then in the store I still didn't get them at first because as I already mentioned I was too greedy, but then when I went into Zara the day after with the mission to get them, I was super happy to find them between all the clothes lying around and if you know Zara sales, you know how rare it is to really get the things you want (!!!) But I found them and finally got them. After this I also went to Bershka, where I then found these again super pretty slip ons and got them right away :) 

Besides the shoes I also got some clothes ... of course :p But I am soon going to shoot a new outfit, so stay tuned!
What do you like to spend your money on? Shoes, clothes, handbags or jewelry?


  1. These shoes are looking so good, especially the ones from Zara. I think, most of my money I spend on clothes and shoes. But I can't sop buying all of those pretty clothes, although my wardrobe almost explodes haha!

    Love, Julia

  2. Lovely shoes dear!
    Kisses from germany, Sophie♥

  3. Wirklich wundervolle Schuhe! :)
    Du wurdest übrigens in meiner Blogvorstellung Part 3 vorgestellt. :)
    Alles Liebe, Anna Lea

  4. Das sind sehr schöne Schuhe!
    Ich selbst setze mir kein festes Ziel, wofür ich letztendlich mein Geld ausgebe.
    Das entscheide ich immer ganz spontan. :)
    Viele Grüße,