Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fashion Inspirations

Source via Tumblr

1. I love blouses under sweaters and the details on the collar just make it even more perfect.
2. The high-top sneakers with the golden details would make the simplest outfit look interesting and special.
3.&6. An all black outfit with golden details looks very classy and simple, but still very fashionable.
4. Parkas with a white top and black jeans are perfect for those lazy days, when you want to look good/cute, but don't feeel like dressing up.
5. Black matte nails with different rings make the perfect accessory.
7. The black leather pants with the detail on the knee parts make a statement piece.
8. I love how she styled the fur jacket, that it doesn't look to overwhelming, but still is an eyecatcher.

Overall you could say that I love timeless pieces.

xoxo Tamara

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